When Logan wrote into the club in July he never expected what would come his way.

In April, Logan suffered a traumatic brain injury to the left side of his brain requiring emergency surgery with fears he would not make it through. With Logan defying the odds, he has since been recovering in Perth’s children’s hospital learning how to walk, talk, eat, drink, and use all his fine motor skills again. About a month into his recovery, he reached a milestone; he got to wave his flag at the TV as he watched his beloved pies, as they commenced playing games again for 2020.  After some more surgery and recovery with his mother and grandfather by his side, Logan was able to yell ‘Go Grundy’ and ‘Go Jordy’ once again.

His wish for his 5th birthday that he would be able to go to the football and see a game in person and not just on the TV. The week of Logan’s birthday, he received the news from his doctors that he would be allowed to go to the Round Nine match against Fremantle, leading into the game, the AFL Squad decided to also surprise Logan with a very special birthday video call, tickets to the game and a special present.

Logan said that he looks up to Collingwood – telling himself to be strong and courageous, just like the players.

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