The Magpie Nest Women’s Program has a very significant and positive impact on the lives of women experiencing domestic violence, disadvantage and homelessness.

Family violence remains the leading cause of homelessness for women and their children. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 Pandemic has meant a steep rise in domestic violence and requests for assistance at Magpie Nest have tripled, with 39 women and 18 children already losing their lives this year.

Harper became homeless after leaving her abusive partner. She didn’t have enough money for rent and was forced to sleep rough or live in squats.

“Sleeping rough is terrifying and when your self-esteem has been undermined by abuse for so long, it gets worn away. It can be difficult to see a path out. All I wanted was to be in a safe place. I met Ashley and Carmel from Magpie Nest and they have been wonderful. They understood and gave me the chance to rebuild my life.”

“I am now living safely in a Magpie Nest House and have recently started going to university. I really want to thank the Salvo’s case workers and the Magpie Nest Program. They have assisted me so much, emotionally and materially. They have given me the time to heal and to realise my potential.” Says Harper.

Funding from Liptember enables Magpie Nest to provide emergency support, safe housing, dedicated case managers, health and legal services, essential materials and a pathway to independent living for women in crisis like Harper.

*Harper’s name has been changed for privacy purposes.

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