Thanks to the generous support of Collingwood members our Major Community Partner Coles, the Magpie Nest Program continues to help people who are doing it tough.

One of the most rewarding aspects of the program is to see people who have been are in crisis to get their lives back on track and back into independent living.

We recently received this wonderful letter from one of the ‘graduates’ from The Magpie Nest Program:


“After 18 months living in one of the Magpie Nest houses, I have recently ‘graduated’ and moved from the property into a shared rental property.

In the last six months, I have commenced work with Australia Post, got a motorcycle learner’s permit and bought a scooter. I eat well and exercise regularly. I have also been able to stay clean and sober.

I want to express my gratitude for the program and in particular the staff that have supported me so well. Having completed my time with the program, I am really clear about how vital it has been in support recovery.

I thought drugs were the salutation to dealing with the grief and loss from a family breakdown, but the initial relief soon turned to dependence and eventually daily use. Despite having postgraduate qualifications and a strong work history, drug use changed everything.

Prior to attending rehab, I was sleeping rough, so confused and incapable for making decisions that were in my best interests.

Recovery is like a marathon and at times, progress feels really slow. Building a solid foundation is so important and this takes time. Being in the Magpie Nest program has enabled me to focus on a daily program, in my case as an active member of support groups and gradually build the confidence to move forward.

There have been real challenges living in a share house, and COVID lockdowns added extra hazards to recovery. Yet there has always been a kind and supportive response to the challenges I experienced by the Magpie Nest team.

Could you also pass on my gratitude to the Collingwood Football Club? I am even contemplating the unthinkable, a switch of allegiance from a rival club to Collingwood, and will definitely be buying a Collingwood membership in 2021.

Best regards,

Magpie Nest Graduate.



Support Magpie Nest with Coles Online

Coles Online is supporting the Magpie Nest Program with a special offer for people to donate food and emergency supplies to those less fortunate.

Magpie Nest operates in partnership with the Salvation Army Project 614 and Coles to help people who are homeless and disadvantaged. Magpie Nest provides support, housing, food and materials to people who are isolated, vulnerable and homeless.

With the help of Coles Online, you can now donate food and essential supplies direct to the Magpie Nest Program safely and securely. All donations are tax deductable and your gift will be provided immediately and directly to people in need.

Click here to donate.

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